Principal Investigator

Nishad Jayasundara PhD


I am interested in exploring fundamental biochemical and physiological mechanisms governing organismal response to changes in their chemical and physical environment.

Graduate Students

Remy Babich

Remy studies mechanisms of nephrotoxicity and consequences of exposure to chemical mixtures using zebrafish (Danio rerio) reared in the laboratory and caught in the wild.


Akila Harishchandra

Akila is integrating physiological responses to predict changes in fish species distribution with warming and pollution using Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) as a model.


Bryce Risley 

Bryce is interested in studying effects of environmental change on tropical reef fish (clownfish Amphiprion clarkii) and exploring impacts of declining fish population on ornamental fisher community in Sri Lanka.


Kathryn Sloane  

Kathryn is studying early life bioenergetics in developing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) embryos.

Atlantic salmon in Maine

Current Undergraduate Trainees

Rachel Bonney (Honors Thesis)

Anna Briely (Honors Thesis)

Sydney Avena (Honors Thesis – Co-advised)

Kelsey Davis (Honors Thesis)

Abigail Muscat

Thomas Umhofer


LeeAnn Thayer PhD

Sara Conlin (Research Assistant)

Emily Craig (Research Assistant)

Molly Westbrook (Research Assistant)

Brynn Yarbrough (Undergraduate Researcher)

Ande Ramirez (Undergraduate Researcher)

Bradlyn McEttrick (Undergraduate Researcher)

Maddy Dorr (Undergraduate Researcher)

Matthew Loewen (Undergraduate Researcher)

Keyana Pardilla (Undergraduate Researcher)

Wunmi Awelewa (REU Trainee)

Nils Gastoukian (REU Trainee)

Mafe Arganon (INBRE scholar)

Shaelyn Huber (Undergraduate Researcher)

Maddie Aubry (Undergraduate Researcher)

Katie Stone (Capstone Thesis)

Carly Rahl (Capstone Thesis)

Mackenzie Menard (Capstone Thesis)

Dylan Cunningham (Capstone Thesis)

Michaela Markus (Capstone Thesis)